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Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship (PCCF) began in Maywood, California, as a single church in 1976. Pastors Mike and Donna Neville moved to the Los Angeles area from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The church in Maywood, California was in an area filled with gangs and drugs. Within a few years, God began moving in a very special way as gang members and their families started getting saved. Soon, the church was filled with people on fire for God, who then went outside the church walls and into the streets preaching the gospel and watching as souls were being saved.


Following what God was doing, Pastors Mike and Donna began to train up pastors to send them out to the various areas of Southern California by starting new churches. God blessed these new churches as they reached out to the lost and continued in the vision, God gave Pastors Mike and Donna Neville to WIN-BUILD-SEND. This vision remains today, as Praise Chapel has multiple into many different areas of the United States and even the world. Currently, there are hundreds of Praise Chapel locations in the US, and over 4000 worldwide.

The story of Praise Chapel continues to grow as new churches are constantly being planted with new pastors being sent out. It is truly a Book of Acts story being written today. Pastors Randal (Razz) and Eva Taylor of Praise Chapel Concord continued in this vision by raising up Pastors Ralph and Wendi Gonzales, who were sent out to pioneer a church in Pittsburg, California in March 2007. They started Praise Chapel Pittsburg in a house holding Bible Studies at the Lopez residence in Antioch, California. Their official Grand Opening church service was held on July 15, 2007.

Pastors Ralph and Wendi continued in the vision of WIN-BUILD-SEND and have sent out workers into the mission field, started new churches, and even adopted other local churches that extend from the San Francisco Bay Area all the way to Poland, Estonia, and India. Then, in July 2021, Pastors Ralph and Wendi answered the call yet again to go pioneer a church in Barcelona, Spain, which is where they are currently.


Neil T. Anderson writes: “Understanding your identity in Christ is essential for living the Christian life. People cannot consistently behave in ways that are inconsistent with the way they perceive themselves. You don’t change yourself by your perception. 

You change your perception of yourself by believing the truth. If you perceive yourself wrongly, you will live wrongly because what you are believing is not true. If you think you are a no-good bum, you will probably live like a no-good bum. If however, you see yourself as a child of God who is spiritually alive in Christ, you will begin to live accordingly.

Next to a knowledge of God, a knowledge of who you are is by far the most important truth you can possess. The major strategy of Satan is to distort the character of God and the truth of who we are. He can’t change God and he can’t do anything to change our identity and position in Christ. If however, he can get us to believe a lie, we will live as though our identity in Christ isn’t true.” 


Ralph and Wendi Gonzales

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We win the lost through evangelism. Then, we build those that are won to the Lord through discipleship. Once they have been discipled, we release (send) them into their respective callings.

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Praise Chapel Ministries is a fellowship of churches that believe the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is the Holy Inspired Word of God and serves as the infallible and authoritative guide for matters of faith, conduct, and doctrine.

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